Work – Family Balance in Just 5 Short Weeks!

by Jamee Tenzer

Part 5:  Share Your Success!

GOOD FOR YOU!  You created Work – Family Balance in just 5 short months!  Actually, you created many moments of balance possibly surrounded by a few moments of:

  • Overwhelm
  • Frustration
  • Exhaustion

Am I right?  But, if you had even one moment where you glimpsed the possibility of more Work – Family Balance, you deserve a BIG pat on the back.

That moment might not have happened without your commitment.

By the way, If you haven’t had a chance to do Part’s 1 through 4 of this program, please take a look and then come on back armed with lots to celebrate!

Last month you identified your unique recipe for Work – Family Balance.

How did it turn out?  Was it absolutely delicious?

If you are like most of us, you probably have some small adjustments to make:

  • Maybe you need to add another secret ingredient?
  • Perhaps you have to break the recipe into smaller steps?
  • Could it be that you need some help in the kitchen?

Remember, Work – Family Balance is a process.

We are never “done” achieving greater balance.  We are simply playing with the recipe and celebrating, as we go.

If you notice that you are out of Balance, go back to the basics.

Work – Family Balance is created when:

  1. We are able to be present in our lives at work and at home, and not overly distracted.
  2. We have a healthy body and clear mind that is able to be efficient as opposed to overwhelmed.
  3. We have a support system and nurturing relationships with the people in our lives.
  4. We know ourselves.

So, let’s take a moment to discover what worked and what you would like to change this coming week.

Remember your recipe?

Here are your ingredients – fill in the blanks with new ideas or find your answers from Part 4 –  The Best Recipe For Work – Family Balance.

I have written some sample answers, to give you an idea of how this works.  Go ahead and replace my answers with your own answers and remember to have fun.


I can take the following actions to create more time to think at work and with my family:  When I stop responding under pressure and count to 5 instead.

What worked for me was:  I was calmer when my daughter asked me for dessert over and over again.

One small change I intend to make for better results:  Count to 10!


I can take the following actions to create more physical movement in my life, at work and with my family:  Walk the kids to school and take the stairs at work.

What worked for me:  This didn’t work.  I was always too late to do either.

One small change I intend to make for better results:  Add 10 minutes to every task so that I have more time in my day.



I can take the following actions to connect more with others and myself:  Ask a co-worker or mom from school, to lunch.

What worked for me:  Had a great lunch with a mom and learned we have a lot in common!

One small change I intend to make for better results:  Instead of lunch, make a plan to take a walk with someone and get coffee.  That helps with my health goals too.


I can take the following actions to create more presence, movement and connection in my life, at work and with my family by:  Incorporate exercise into my goal to connect with others and take 1 additional walk this week.

  1. YOUR SECRET INGREDIENT   (Remember, only YOU know what it is):

I know that if I take this one action, I will begin to see results in my experience of work – family balance:  Practice saying no just a little more often.

I would love to hear from you.  Please give me your feedback on this article series and let me know how this process worked for you and what your results have been!

Remember, creating Work – Family Balance is a process.  The more you work on it, the more you will experience the Balance that you are working towards.


Jamee Tenzer is an Executive Coach, Trainer and Mentor. For the past 15 years she has been privileged to coach breadwinner moms and executives and to work internationally as a coach mentor and trainer. She has worked with leaders in many industries including; entertainment, non-profit and technology. In addition to serving as a Supervisor, Mentor and Trainer for the International Coach Academy from 2006 to 2015, she is also a trained mediator and the co-creator of three ICF Accredited courses for coaches; Deeper Conversations Coaching, Mentor Coach Certification and Real Coaching Sessions Unplugged. Jamee is a member of the International Coach Federation, Producers Guild of America and Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. She holds a CPC from the International Coach Academy, a PCC from the International Coach Federation and a BCC from the Center for Credentialing and Education. She is a committed im-perfectionist – her husband and three children can attest to this!