Ways to Overcome Pregnancy Fatigue

The bun is in the oven!  This is a new adventure filled with excitement and anticipation as you prepare for the upcoming arrival of your little one.  With so much to do, ever have the feeling you’ve been hit by a Mack truck?  Fatigue is common in pregnancy and most women will experience it.  Your body is using a tremendous amount of energy to create new vital organs to sustain that little life growing inside of you.  What’s a girl to do when she can’t stop yawning and can barely keep those eyes open?

You may not be able to rid yourself entirely of the fatigue but there are some ways you can alleviate it.

Eat Right

The occasional indulgence of chocolate and ice cream might temporarily cure that sweet tooth, but these can also add unnecessary weight gain.  Instead, try to incorporate foods that are high in protein and iron, such as red meat, seafood, beans, whole grains, and green leafy vegetables.

Check Iron

Iron deficiency anemia may also be the cause of fatigue.  Check with your physician if you are experiencing any symptoms such as dizziness, paleness, or shortness of breath.  A prenatal vitamin supplement may help compensate for any nutritional deficiencies but is not a substitute for overall good nutrition.


This might be the last thing on your mind but moderate exercise will help you feel refreshed and energized.  Even simple stretching and daily walks can help you have a better pregnancy and even afterward when your baby has arrived.


Thinking about the laundry list of TO DOs is exhausting!  Listen to your body signals and rest when you feel tired. This is the best time to give your body a full recharge. Take advantage of the help offered by friends and family. Allowing mom or your best friend to help you cook, clean or run an errand will help reduce stress and allow more time to get the rest you need.

By Lillian Lee