Trick or Treating Safety

Plan your route in advance: Parents should pick an area that the family is familiar with. Walk the route during the day to ensure there are no potholes, or unexpected bumps that will surprise your trick or treaters. Make sure the route you choose is well lit at night so you don’t have to approach dark, scary porch fronts.

Bring a flashlight and glow sticks: Even if you have smaller children and plan on going out while the sun is shinning, bring a flashlight just incase. If your children are very small, go out before it gets dark. The big kids tend to flood the streets after dark and it may put a damper on the evening. Glow lights or sticks are also a good option and fun for the kids to play with while enhancing their visibility for cars.

Wear comfortable shoes: This doesn’t only mean shoes that won’t hurt their feet, but also shoes that are not too big or small, shoes that won’t slip off easily, and are realistic for walking. Avoid princess high-heels or large floppy boots. And on that note, try to find comfortable costumes too! Avoid costumes that drag on the ground, costumes that are made of itchy fabric, or that are just cheaply made.

Pick costumes that are bathroom friendly: Especially for the little ones! You don’t want to struggle with tights, fancy shoes, or one-piece costumes. Also, make sure to use the bathroom before you leave the house; you don’t want any unexpected surprises!

Do not eat candy while you walk: Walking in costumes will be challenging enough, so eating sticky candy and walking at the same time is just a no no. Save the candy for home so you can check it first! Look for old, worn, or torn wrappers, homemade treats, unwrapped candy, etc. Discard of any candy that looks like it has been tampered with.

Think practical when choosing goody bags: Although the Halloween themed bags will be the most popular amongst your children, think practically instead of cute.  Avoid bags that are too long and may drag on the ground, oversized bags that may bump into other trick or treaters, or heavy ones that you will end up carrying once it gets filled! Use totes that you can recycle for groceries, or a small pillowcase from your toddler’s bed.