Top tips for flying long-haul with young children

Traveling with Kids

(CNN) — So Prince William and Duchess Kate are combining work with play this week, bringing their privileged progeny, Prince George, on a three-week tour of Australia and New Zealand.

I envy them.

Having their own plane filled with personal staff would certainly make the 20-hour flight easier than the rest of us have it.

For one, it’s likely the royal staff don’t roll their eyes in annoyance as Kate struggles to soothe George’s wails, his little ears in pain due to changing air pressure.

Nor does she have to beat the post-dinner in-flight pee rush and squeeze into a tiny washroom to change his royally soiled nappy.

For most travelers, flying long haul with kids — particularly babies — stomps on any romantic notions of travel being about the journey, not the destination.

As a Canadian mother who lives in Bangkok, Thailand, I’ve been taking my two boys — now aged five and six — on the 20-plus-hour multi-flight journey back home to see family annually since they were born.

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