Top 5 Birthday Party Themes

1. Polka Dot Party (0-3) Perfect for preschoolers, a polka dot party allows little tikes to explore their shapes and colors while enjoying the whimsy of circles. Kids can color and draw on circular cut-out paper, complete connect-the-dot puzzles, or use circle stickers and buttons to decorate paper goodie bags or paper hats. Play polka dot bingo or take turns taping black dots on a paper Dalmatian dog. Continue the theme by using a circle cookie cutter on sandwiches and even serve cheese and melon balls or circle peanut butter crackers.

2. Wild Jungle Party (3-5) If your birthday child is crazy for creepy crawlies or has jungle fever when it comes to exotic animals, this is the party for you. Transform your house into a wild oasis with hanging, streamer vines and cut-out leaves from poster board. Invite the kids to attend dressed up as their favorite jungle animal. Set up a wild expedition obstacle course complete with dangerous towel quicksand, floating rocks (pillows) atop lava, and plastic snake traps. Play jungle charades or have a tree frog toss where kids throw these sticky toys (found at toy stores or online) at a wall covered with paper leaves.

3. Pirate Party (3-6) Young scallywags will have a ball while pillaging and plundering through the backyard. Make your own hooks with plastic cups, cardboard cutouts, and foil, hand out eye patches to wear, and serve pirate’s booty to every hungry little numskull to munch on. Experienced sea dogs will love to walk the plank over a kiddy pool, search for booty during a scavenger hunt, or make their very own spyglass out of a toilet paper/paper towel tube and colored cellophane.

4. Tea and Princess Party (4-7) Calling all princesses! Have all party attendees dress up in pretty dresses, sun hats, and even fancy gloves. Ask them to bring their favorite stuffed animal or doll to share in the party’s festivities. Enjoy the afternoon decorating sugar cookies, cupcakes, and paper crowns. Royalty in training will love snaking on miniature tea sandwiches and sipping on decaffeinated fruit-flavored teas.

6. Sleepover/Campout Party (7-10) No youngster is ever too old for a sleepover, especially when it means pitching a tent for a night spent in the back forty. Have the kids come over already bundled in their outdoor sleepwear. Munch on popcorn while watching a movie projected on a screen or white sheet tied between two trees. Set up a fire in a backyard pit and gather around for a s’more or two while telling campfire stories. Before falling asleep under the stars, end the evening with a bang as you help the kids search for the different star formations up in the sky.


*Ages are only suggestions. Your child’s age and interests may differ. Please tailor your party to your child’s specific needs.