The First Checkup

The first tooth eruption can be a very exciting thing for parents. Not only does this mean there will be solid foods in your future, but also that those little teeth will need  care and protection sooner than later! It is recommended that a child see a dentist for a first checkup within six months of the first tooth eruption, or by their first birthday at 12 months. While you can very well seek out a general dentist who is comfortable treating children, pediatric dentists have an additional two to three years of training, caring for young patients, from infancy through adolescence.

Pediatricians provide a child friendly staff, in an environment that puts kids at ease.  Even though a baby may not have more than a few teeth by age one, this appointment is an important opportunity to establish a “dental home” where parents can receive proper guidance through the coming years, diet and oral hygiene advice, and a comfortable place to turn in the event of a dental emergency.  Such visits can help early detection of potential teeth or gum problems, and will also allow kids get accustomed to dentist visits so they’ll look forward to future appointments.

By Dr. Ozzie Jafarnia, DDS. Dr. A. Ozzie Jafarnia, or “Dr. Ozzie” as she is known to her patients grew up in the East Bay, and is proud to be Danville’s only American Board of Pediatric Dentistry certified dentist. She currently works at Danville Pediatric Dentistry located in Blackhawk Plaza Cir, Ste 203, Danville, Ca 94506,  (925) 837-7745.