Take a Fertility Vacation

Trying to get pregnant can be stressful. Your well-intentioned friends and family members all have advice for you. Your neighbor probably told you the other day how her sister was trying for years, then took a trip to Hawaii and got pregnant. If getting pregnant were just that easy!

This is what I want you to do this summer: Take a fertility vacation! Stop trying to get pregnant. Start having fun in your relationship so that when you “start trying” again, you are able to enjoy the journey as much as possible. Nothing bad will happen if you give yourself a month break. Your biological clock isn’t going to run out of batteries.

Follow the tips below:

  1. Give yourself a break: take a vacation from charting, checking your daily temperature, checking your cervical mucus.  Try not to obsess about your fertile window and focus more on your daily well-being.  Put your medications away and out of sight. Just take a break.
  2. Take care of yourself: eat right and exercise. Stay active and pay attention to yourself.  Buy yourself a brand new pair of sneakers and just walk and breathe. Put on your favorite music, get your headset on and hit the streets and focus on your breathing.
  3. Take time for your relationship: Reconnect with your partner. Make sure you’re talking about your lives and your goals. Make sure you’re a team. If you need help in your relationship, take the time to seek out professionals who can help you during your fertility vacation so that once you start trying again, you feel as connected as possible.  Try to have sex for fun and not to make a baby.
  4. Do what you love! Try and plan at least one fun activity each week. Take turns with your partner planning the activity. Consider dance lessons or a trip to Tahoe. Feed your soul so that your spirit and heart is in a really good place once you start trying again.
  5. Once your fertility vacation is over – however long you want it to be, I want you to incorporate what you learned during your fertility vacation in your daily life moving forward so that your journey to baby is as enjoyable as possible.

Written By Dr. Aimee Eyvazza