Six Ways To Show Mom You Care

By Rona Renner


During May we celebrate Mothers Day, but moms deserve to be thanked more often than once a year! Most mothers say they weren’t fully prepared for motherhood, regardless of their age, culture, or the amount of money they earn. Raising children is such an important and profound job, but one with little training. Guidelines and recommendations change frequently, leaving mothers confused as to the best ways to ensure a child’s safety and health.  Most women have good instincts, but there’s much to learn about raising happy and healthy children.

Most women admit that being a mother is harder than they thought it would be, and yet they’re often reluctant to say that out-loud. Some mothers feel pressured to pretend they’re always happy, even when they’re over tired and stressed out by demands they face each day. Here are six ways to show your wife, partner, or friend how much you appreciate her, any day of the year:

  1. Give her a night out with a girlfriend or an afternoon to get her nails done, or go to a movie. Take care of the kids so she can have time for rest and relaxation.
  2. Write a letter or poem capturing the things you love and appreciate about her.
  3. Cook a wonderful dinner, and make sure mom doesn’t have to clean up afterwards.
  4. Talk with her about what she needs, so she has a chance to think about the quality of her life and ways she can increase her happiness and decrease stress.
  5. Have fun. Go for a walk in nature, ride a bike, or have a picnic at the park. Moms often forget to play.
  6. Think about your mom, and what it was like for you growing up. What challenges did your mom have, and how did she overcome them?


Let the mother in your life know that you appreciate her dedication and hard work.  A happy mother is a key ingredient for a happy family!

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