Romancing The Alley

When was the last the two of you hit up the bowling alley…alone?

Of course, this next time won’t just be regular old bowling…as you know, adding twists to everything is right up my alley. Here are a few ideas you should try the next time you bowl together: 

Before the game, each of you write down your guess of what your score will be (This keeps it fair in case one is a better bowler.) On the back of your score card, each of you will write what you will give the other as a reward for winning. Then, put the card somewhere safe (where neither of you can change your guesses).

After the game, write down your actual score and figure the difference. Whoever wins gets to claim their prize (written on the back of the other’s score card).

  • Assign a romantic value to each strike and spare. You could make each strike worth a kiss to be redeemed right then. Each spare could be worth a hug. Make sure you keep score! If either of you are good, this could be a very PDA-filled game of bowling…but WHO CARES!
  • Empty a small bag of Skittles or M&Ms into a cup or bowl. Assign different styles of bowling to the different candy colors and then have each person pick a piece of candy at the start of their turn to determine how they will bowl that round. (idea submitted by Ethan Estrada)
  • Examples for different styles include: “Granny Style” (holding the ball with both hands) Bowling backwards between your legs. Placing the ball on the ground and pushing it with your foot (don’t kick it…) Bowling with your opposite hand.  Using a children’s ball guide if available (not to be confused with alley bumpers) Having your turn bowled by your spouse Bowl normally. This helps level the playing field and decreases the level of seriousness of the competition..especially when one of you may be better than the other! Instead of entering your actual names for scoring, make upcute/silly/dorky nicknames for each other. Don’t forget to enjoy a snack and hit the arcade for a game or two before heading home!
This is the one date that I wish for you to Strike Out! Have fun!