Raising Respectful Children

Respect for Self & Others: As parents we want to inspire self-confidence and compassion in our children. We want to teach our children to pursue their own well being while also being considerate of the needs and feelings of others. Raising a respectful child is to give our children a moral compass to treat others the way they want to be treated (“The Golden Rule”). The most powerful tool we have to teach our children is through modeling (our actions). Helping our children learn respect is based on how we treat them and the way we treat others.

  • Use manners at home and in public.
  • Show compassion and empathy for others. This means seeing things from the viewpoint of others and knowing that their feelings resemble our own.
  • Take care of your things as well as the property of others.
  • Be on time for meetings appointments.
  • Keep your word. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Honesty: Use the word “trust” frequently so that your child will quickly learn that being trusted is a value that is worthwhile. Teach them that as trust increases, so do responsibilities.  A child who has earned trust should be afforded more privilege as well.

  • Tell the whole truth. Do not mislead others for your own benefit.
  • Be honest with yourself and your child if you find that you’ve done something that sets a bad example, especially if your child has observed your behavior.
  • Follow up with an apology to anyone you have treated badly and, if possible, make up for what you have done.
  • Be accountable. Children need to know that they are responsible for correcting mistakes when possible. Let children take responsibility for their own mistakes.  Don’t rush in to save them especially if it is a pattern.  Letting a child off the hook is usually very counterproductive.

We are always teaching our children something by our words and actions – seeing, hearing, overhearing. Talk often about respect with your kids.  Make respect a family value and let them know it’s important. The best way to encourage our children to become respectful is to act as respectfully in their presence.  We must try to be the sort of people we want them to become.

By Jodi Maspaitella. Jodi is a parent coach offering in-home East-Bay visits providing education on ways to handle the challenges most parents face.  For more information about Jodi’s Home Education 4 Logical Parenting services call (707) 557-1423 or visit her website at www.familieshelp.net