Preschool Selection-Questions to ask

  1. Request a tour and/or check out the classes while in progress.
  2. What is the teacher/student ratio?
  3. How many teachers and aides per class?
  4. Is the school play-based or learning-based?
  5. How many kids per class?
  6. How many classes are there total?
  7. How long has the present Director been there?
  8. What is the personality and background of the teacher your child will have?  How long have they been teaching?  What ages?  How long have they had their current classroom/age group?
  9. Are snacks or lunch served?  What is the food policy regarding allergies?
  10. Will there be a nap time?  When/Where?
  11. How big is the outside play area?  How often do the kids get to go outside?  Make sure to check out the area.
  12. Are the rooms/buildings safe and child friendly?  Fire alarms?  Exits?
  13. How are children signed in and out?  What does the security entail?
  14.  How often are toys cleaned?
  15. Are there field trips?  If so who supervises and what is the transportation?
  16. Is there a music and/or art program?
  17. What does the typical day entail?  Projects?  Play?  Reading?  Writing?
  18. Does the school have annual fund-raisers?
  19. What are the expectations of the parents?
  20. What is tuition?  Are other costs involved throughout the year?
  21. How are children disciplined?  How do teachers deal with conflicts among the children?
  22. How are birthdays or holidays celebrated?