Pool Safety 101

Safety Precautions 

Summer is finally here and that means pool time and water play. If you own a pool, take preparatory measures to protect your family and loved ones from an emergency situation. The California Health and Safety Code states any new pool must be equipped with at least one of the following safety features: pool fencing, safety pool cover, pool alarms or door alarm. In addition, put all pool toys and floatation devices away when not in use. A toy that was left out after pool play, may encourage a younger child to get back into the water when parents are absent. When swimming, pool covers should be removed from the pool, and securely back in place when used to cover when pool play is over.

Safety tips for emergency situations: 

  • Learn CPR and first aid. All caregivers including grandparents, nannies, and babysitters should be CPR and safety certified. Have CPR and first aid directions readily available.
  • Keep an emergency contact list posted. The neighbors, grandma and grandpa, and close friends nearby should all be listed as emergency contacts and posted next to the closes LAN-line. Always keep a charged mobile phone close to the pool for emergency use. *Calling from a cell phone won’t automatically tell the 9-1-1 operators your location.
  • Keep your address and cross streets posted. Post the closest cross streets to your home address near the phone so that the neighbor, or the nanny can direct them to an emergency dispatcher.
  • Store life saving equipment close by, such as a ring buoy, reaching pole, or throwing tool. Life jackets should be made available. Never get into the water to try and help a victim if you have not been properly trained to do so. Keep a well-stocked first aid kit at all times, and make sure the location of the kit and life saving equipment is known by all adults who chaperone.
  • If a child is missing, always check the pool first. Seconds count!

By the American Swim Academy. For more information on indoor, year-round swimming lessons in the Bay Area, call 1-800-810-SWIM.  For CPR and Safety Training call 1-877-380-4CPR.

American Swim Academy has been setting the standard for safe and successful indoor swim instruction since 1973.  They promote water safety, comfort and stroke technique for all ages and abilities. www.AmericanSwimAcademy.com