How to Get the Most out of Your Kids Lunchbox

How to Get the Most out of Your Kids Lunchbox

Tips from Christi Johnston, Love From the Oven Blogger/mom and Book Writer

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I believe in packing a lunch full of items you know your children will eat, versus ones you want them to eat.  While I always strive to pack a healthy lunch, I build it around the healthy foods that I know my daughter enjoys and will look forward to eating.   It only took one or two visits to my daughter’s school cafeteria to realize how much food kids throw away.

When possible, pack foods cut up and ready to go, into a single container.   This makes it easy for kids to open and start eating, instead of messing with multiple wrappers or containers.  Lunch time is short, and younger children sometimes take a little while to open packaging.

Have some fun with it.  Cookie cutters are a fabulous tool when packing lunch.  For a child who doesn’t like to eat crusts, a cookie cutter can take the crusts off in a matter of seconds, and even give a fun shape to the sandwich.   I also use cookie cutters for cheese and fruits, melon works especially well with small cookie cutters.

I keep my lunch packing tools, storage containers and our lunchbox silverware all together in one place, to speed up lunch packing.  I also keep a pad of post it notes handy, perfect for adding a little note.  Sometimes it’s nice to know I can wish her good luck on her test or tell her I’m thinking about her, through that little lunchtime note.

Remember, school lunch packing won’t last forever!  While I certainly have my days where I think I can’t pack one more lunch, I remember how quickly childhood passes, and then I start making some sandwiches.

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Christi Johnstone is the baker, blogger and photographer behind the blog, Love From The Oven.   As a busy mom to two daughters, she understands wanting to do it all, but not having the time, and tries to share recipes, tips and tricks that makes time spent in the kitchen quick, easy and fun.   Christi’s first book, SMART COOKIE, has just been released, and shows readers how to transform store bought cookies into amazing treats!   It’s available now through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

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