Festive Cornucopias

Celebrate fall and the Thanksgiving holiday with this festive paper cornucopia project.  It is a beginner project that teaches cutting and coloring skills as well as naming colors, fruits and vegetables.  For older children this is a great opportunity to research the history of the cornucopia.


Things you will need:

  • Construction paper in fall colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A pencil
  • Crayons


Step 1: On a piece of brown construction paper use your pencil to draw the basic shape of a cornucopia. You’ll want to make it as large as the paper will allow. Use your scissors to carefully cut it out.


Step 2: Draw and cut out various items for inside of the cornucopia.  Items typically found inside a cornucopia include pumpkins, grains, nuts, leaves and flowers. Other cornucopias might include fruits such as grapes and apples as well.


Step 3: Glue any parts and pieces of your fruit together. This means attaching the corn to its husk and adding stems to things such as pumpkins and bunches of grapes. Once the glue has dried use your crayons to add fine details. When all of the fruit has been decorated to your liking glue it to the cornucopia.


Congratulations! You have made a festive cornucopia! Use it as a decoration at your holiday party or write your family’s name on it and hang it on the front door so guests know where to go. Any way you use it, this project is perfect for celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. Happy crafting!