Eco-Friendly Treats and Costume Ideas!

Looking for some great Halloween costume ideas to tread lightly on the planet this October? Check out these fun and eco-friendly ways to celebrate the season with your little ghosts and goblins, using techniques that are kind to our planet – the place that gives us all our pumpkins, falling leaves, and the fading sunshine of fall.

1. Resale Costumes: This time of year many resale shops offer racks of costumes to choose from. Gently worn memories from another child can help your kids dress up for Halloween without impacting the planet by purchasing new items. Check out yard sales or large children’s resale events for costume selections as well.

2. Sew It Up: If you have a penchant for a needle and thread you can always take discarded linens from your home to make a costume. Old drapes make marvelous capes. Silk and taffeta linens make dreamy princess dresses. Torn denim makes for a great scarecrow.

3. Combine Costumes: My sister-in-law once received two hand me down Snow White costumes that did not fit her daughter. So, she pulled out her needle and thread and with minimal cutting and stitching merged the two costumes into one that fit her growing daughter.

4. Buy Well: If purchasing a costume suits you best, consider spending the most your budget will allow for good quality costumes. Top quality costumes can be passed down to many siblings and friends and will stick around for years in a dress up box. Avoid harsh plastic costumes that rip easily or do not allow your child’s skin to breathe.

5. Treat Them All Well: Finally, as you prepare to toss goodies into bags consider purchasing Fair Trade candy and chocolates. It only seems fair that children around the world are treated well as they labor to make our chocolates. Make it a sweet Halloween for all children. Check out Equal Exchange for Fair Candy Ideas.


Tracey Bianchi is a freelance writer, speaker and mother of three squirmy, messy children. She is the author of “Green Mama: The Guilt Free Guide to Helping You and Your Kids Save the Planet.” You can catch her musings at or pick up her book on Amazon or wherever books are sold.