Definitely Not Your Everyday Date

Plan a hush-hush romantic “mystery night.” One of you makes all the arrangements and just tells the other where and when you’ll meet (perhaps via a note in a lunch bag or a briefcase, in the car on the driver’s seat, propped against the milk in the refrigerator, or scribbled on the kids’ Magna Doodle). The destination can be anything from dinner at a nice restaurant to a scavenger hunt with you as the prize. It’s not the venue that makes the evening special, but the anticipatory thrill that comes with not knowing what’s coming next. The person who is planning the mystery night should do something extra special and plan the next day out as well. A fun, different way is to spend the day at a weird and wild festival: mashed-potato wrestling, a chicken-plucking competition, a cardboard boat race, or a watermelon seed-spitting contest. For an overview of bizarre goings-on nationwide, check out

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