Date Day – Hiking

Even for you city-dwellers, sometimes a nice hike is all you need to get the quiet time to yourselves. My husband and I woke up one morning, packed sandwiches and headed out to Muir Woods for an amazing day in the open redwoods. Here is a simple plan of attack to have an enjoyable day: Once you get there take hold of your significant others hand, take a deep breath in of the fresh mountain air, open one of a trail guides, close your eyes and point to anywhere on the guide. Depending upon where your finger lands, choose that path to go down for the day. The anticipation and element of surprise will have you talking about this day for years to come. The fun thing about Muir Woods is they have trails that take an hour, two hours, or a full day of hiking. I hope you have a wonderful day enjoying each others company. If you have already been a wanderer of Muir Woods, visit to find trails near you.