Date Day at Amusement Park

So the kids are away for a day or so at a friends house, camp, or some other event and you need an idea for your rare kid-free day with your special someone?

How about going to an Amusement park to unwind and have fun?!  I know you probably have been to an Amusement park recently but this is different.  This time there will be no kids rides, no 20 million trips to the bathroom, and best of all, no tugging on your pants as your trying to maneuver through the crowds with your stroller.  Of course, I am not saying you don’t love these moments because I’m sure you do; however, it’s time to have some adult fun.  Ride all the crazy rides you would have as a teenager and eat all the crazy junk food you would never allow your kids to eat.  Most importantly, make sure to enjoy your time with your special someone because, as we all know, these days don’t come as often as we’d like so why not try something different?!

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