6 Back to School Traditions!

Back to School Shopping!
What little one doesn’t like to get cool new supplies or clothing for school? Even if you can’t get much, make this a special time to make your little one feel comfortable and confident starting the New Year! Make it an all-day event, stop for lunch, talk about fun things that happened throughout the summer, and things they are looking forward to in the school year.

Back to School Scheduling
Put creative and fun charts together that will help the school year go smoothly like a chore chart or homework schedule. There are a ton of templates and free printable online. You can even create lunchbox planners!

First Day of School Photo Ideas

Who can resist taking a photo every year so you can look back and see how the kids have grown?! Some of our favorites are the ones that show the grade, teacher, and their favorite things (such as: color, show, food, song and sports). These are great ways to show how over the years your children grow into the amazing young adults.

Fun With Food

Mark the start of school with a Yummy Breakfast! Whether its chocolate chip pancakes, French toast or some other crazy Breakfast. Make their favorite to help ease their stress.

Also, try to pack their favorite snacks so at lunch time they can remember how much you love them.

Lunchbox Ingenuity!
Half of their first day is over! What better way to celebrate than a crazy lunch or a lovely little note encouraging them to keep trucking along on their first day.

Something to Look Forward to…
After a long day at school, let them do something they love. Whether it’s play their favorite video game for an extra 30 minutes (of course, after they finish their homework) or play with their friends a little longer it will give them something to look forward to if their first day was a little more hectic than expected.

Meeting New Friends
Meeting new friends is sometimes a little scary…Why not ease that by setting up play dates with the moms/dads you meet on the first day. This will help you get to know the parents while your children get to know each other.