5 Tips for Water Safety

1.  Test the Waters. Make sure the temperature is comfortable before jumping in – cold temps can shock the body and will leave kiddies with the shivers.

2.  No Food! Think of choking hazards. Don’t eat or chew gum while swimming.

3.  Keep Horse Play to a Minimum. Joking and poking around is fine, but when next to water it can be dangerous. Don’t run, push, or shove around pools or lakes.

4.  Grab a Buddy. Always swim in pairs or have an adult present when children are in or around water. And swim at a depth that is safe. If your child is just learning, ensure they stay in the shallow end.

5.  Beware of Floaty Toys. Beach balls, inner tubes, or floating lizards may be fun to float around on but aren’t the safest floating devices, especially for beginners! Don’t forget, they are toys and can float and flop all over the place – away from your little swimmer!