4 Steps to a Memorable Mother's Day

  1. Find Time for Mom: Whether you’re spending a cozy day at home or venturing out for a day trip, make sure to get take some time for yourself. Enjoy your morning coffee on the patio, a walk around the neighborhood, or even some light yoga before the day begins.  Simply take that 30-minute breather to clear your thoughts so that your mind and body can relax as one.
  2. Don’t Overbook: Remember, this day is about spending time with your family and not filling up the schedule with places to go and things to do. Too many events could pose as a distraction from enjoying the little things, like giggly laughter, silly conversations, and snuggling moments. Take things slow so that you can enjoy and embrace each moment.
  3. Set Realistic Expectations: Don’t wake up expecting breakfast in bed and foot massages from dad. Remember that this day is for your children to recognize you as their favorite mama, and it’s not necessarily the duty of dad to pamper you throughout the day. Embrace the handmade gifts from your kids and the small acts of love they bestow upon you (this includes hugs and kisses, too).
  4. Capture the Moment: Take some photographs throughout the day to remember the time you shared. Have fun with this – let your kids take pictures too and invite your kids to draw a picture of the family, or of mom and dad. Tell them your favorite colors and draw alongside them. Frame these so you can look back on the fun you shared.